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If you are like many companies, you have hundreds, maybe even thousands of purchase transactions to deal with every day. However, leaving these complex use tax decisions in the hands of accounts payable clerks all to often result in significant errors, unnecessary liabilities, unfortunate overpayments, and time-consuming audits. Admiral Consulting has the solution.

With a nationwide network of sales and use tax professionals, our clients benefit from our vast knowledge of hundreds of local tax jurisdictions requirements. Furthermore, we stay up to date on tax law changes, state policies and legal precedents. It is our proactive approach that helps us minimize your tax liability.

We also understand the complexities and intricacies of the audit process. Our professionals were former sales and use tax auditors themselves. We can manage, or directly control, the audit process making sure that your interests are vigorously defended and that your exposure is minimized.

When it comes to overpayment reviews, Admiral Consulting scrutinizes purchase transactions to identify any tax you may have paid in error. The process does not just stop with identification; we also illustrate any exposure items that could present problems. At no cost to you, we can perform a FREE evaluation, of your sales and use taxes, and determine if there is an opportunity to obtain a refund. We only earn our fee after our recommendations are implemented, and only upon your consent.