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Admiral Consulting offers comprehensive unclaimed property services.

With mounting federal deficits, states today are more aggressively focused on unclaimed property collections as a significant source of revenue, and all industries have become targets.

Although unclaimed property is not a tax, it often operates very much like a tax on your organization as it forces the allocation of your resources in several different directions as you face the prospect of a single, or multi-state, audit for unclaimed property, for which there is not statute of limitations.

With increasing enforcement efforts, companies throughout the county are even further confused as to the application and scope of these laws. Furthermore, as Sarbanes Oxley exerts additional internal compliance controls, especially as companies today operate with limited staffing resources, Admiral Consulting offers the needed outsourced relief, to help our clients navigate through the unclaimed property compliance process.

Our team is prepared to offer solutions for all of your unclaimed property needs, including: